Devil Daughters (Eteranl Sisterhood series Book 2)

As the first day of school looms close for Sisters of the Sacred Arts, Dani and her sisters find themselves seeking out students all across the United States. Now, with four freshed-faced girls as their inaugural class, Dani, Lain, Jules, and Dakota reunite with their former headmistress, Rita. Things start smooth until Dani’s past comes back to haunt her when a rival coven seeks blood. Read along as the Sisters of the Sacred Arts seek to bring up a new brood of witches, while also dealing with their sins of the past in book 2 of the Eternal Sisterhood Series from Crimson Pinnacle Press.​


Payable on Death (Eternal Sisterhood series Book 1)

"Danielle Merry, a troubled youth, finds herself being shipped off to a private school to help get life back on track. Little did she know, she would meet five strangers and form a bond that would change their lives forever. Learning that each one of them shared a gift of the sacred arts, Danielle (Dani) throws herself full force into learning the craft. Sex, Magic, and Rock N Roll play in the background for Book 1 of the Eternal Sisterhood Trilogy from Crimson Pinnacle Press."

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Loose Strand (Tangled Webs Book 2)

When bigshot lawyer Brenton Wright’s secretary falls suddenly ill, Jess Fuller is sent from a temp agency to fill in. After longtime employee, Hannah, shows Jess the ropes, they quickly ignite a friendship that runs deep. One day, the husband of one of Mr. Wright's clients lashes out at the lawyer during an ongoing divorce case. Jess is shocked to learn the man’s identity and the ghosts of her past come back to haunt her. In the thrilling sequel to Girl’s Best Friend, Learn exactly why some good deeds never go unpunished.

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Books of Horror Community Anthology Vol. 1

What flavor is your nightmare?
Forty-nine authors have come together to tell us theirs. Each story is unique in its horror but all should be read with the lights on and the shadows kept at bay, because some stories tend to stay with you even after the book is closed.
From established authors, to people putting pen to paper for the first time.
Books of Horror presents its inaugural Community Anthology.



Girl's Best Friend (Tangled Webs Book 1)

Things aren't always what they seem. . .

Books have always been Janney Fenton's best friend until she met Alice. Now the two are inseparable. 

Her mother doesn’t approve—though she’s never approved of anything when it comes to her daughter. 

It's only later in life, with therapy to reconcile the tragedies of her past, that Janney can begin to understand the person she is. 

Twisted with emotions, all will be revealed with each passing session.

Dark, gritty, and original. Roles takes you on quite the psychological roller coaster in this gripping thriller. And the ending had my jaw on the floor.

Justin M. Woodward, Author of Tamer Animals and Rotten Little Things


If Girl's Best Friend is RJ's debut, then watch out!

Jay Sigler, Autor of  Train Thoughts and Unsettled

You're going to feel the itch. That's just Mr. Roles, crawling inside your brain. No need to scratch, he's there to stay.

J.Z, Foster, Author of Witch Hunter and Mind Wreck

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